Strengthening research in the Croatian Geological Survey:
Geoscience-Twinning to develop state-of-the-art subsurface
modelling capability and scientific impact

The consortium of three geoscience research institutes Croatian Geological Survey (HGI-CGS), the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) and the British Geological Survey of the United Kingdom Research and Innovation (BGS-UKRI) won the grant for Horizon 2020 Twinning project. The major aim of the project is to significantly strengthen HGI-CGS’s research potential and capability. HGI-CGS will benefit from a range of research tools, technologies, software and methods at the disposal of GEUS and BGS-UKRI. The project will also develop active collaboration and partnership between people; involving talented scientists within HGI-CGS and highly productive scientists within GEUS and BGS-UKRI, who in a number of cases are world-leading experts in their field. Two-way scientific exchanges and training programmes, will support HGI-CGS to strengthen research in four important geoscience subject areas, which are at the core of most world-leading geological surveys and geological research institutes: (1) 3D geological surveying and modelling; (2) advanced groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling; (3) geological hazards; (4) geothermal energy.


Final GeoTwinn Workshop, 27th Sep – 1st  October 2021
GeoTwinn WS afternoon session_all

GeoTwinn’s workshop on applied geostatistics, 5th -9th July 2021, MS Teams

GeoTwinn project’s duration extended until the end of January 2022



Embedding state-of-the -art geological surveying techniques: from  maps to models to 3D parametristations of the subsurface

Ioannis Abatzis (GEUS)


Implementing advance methods for characterrizing and modelling groundwater flow and contaminant transport

Per Rasmussen (GEUS)


Implementing state-of-the-art techniques for the identification and analysis of geohazards

Claire Dashwood (BGS - UKRI)


Strengthening expertise in geothermal energy – the carbon free, sustainable energy source

Tamara Marković (HGI-CGS)


Dissemination, communication and exploitation

Corinna Abesser (BGS - UKRI)


Project management and

Davor Pollak (HGI-CGS)