GeoTwinn Geological Databases and Data Management Workshop

Duration: 24th – 26th September 2019

Venue: Croatian Geological Survey, HGI-CGS, Zagreb, CROATIA

Data Management Workshop was held in Zagreb, from 24th to 26th September 2019, as a part of GeoTwinn Work Package 1 Activity 1.1 Modern methods in 3D virtual reconnaissance, digital field data capture, geological databases and 3D geological modelling. The Workshop was held by Mr Martin Nayembil from British Geological Survey (BGS-UKRI) and was attended by altogether 11 scientists from Croatian Geological Survey. The activity was conducted in three segments:

  1. An overview of geological databases used at the BGS-UKRI with emphasis on borehole databases, aspects of the BGS Onshore Geological data Index, Depositing Data and Deposited Data Search;
  2. Workshop on geological databases with an in-depth look into borehole databases, cataloguing borehole log information and their connectivity through spatial tools. (This was interspersed with demonstrations of BGS-UKRI Borehole data tools/viewers. BGS-UKRI Onshore Geological data Index, AGS Data portal, Open Geoscience Data Models, Geoscience vocabularies and
  3. Q & A session on geological databases, vocabularies and data management practices. In addition, the general management of the data required for 3D modelling and associated workflows.

As on the other hand, main learning outcomes were insight into Data architecture and general data management practices; In-depth review into borehole databases, borehole log information, geologic vocabularies, data architectures and connectivity through spatial tools (Oracle, PostgreSQL, ArcGIS, QGIS), as well as gained knowledge about the importance and utility of geological databases, vocabularies, data management practices and data workflows.

Many thanks to Martin Nayembil, as well as all of our partners in GeoTwinn project, for all knowledge that was passed on to scientists and experts in Croatian Geological Survey.