Advanced methods of numerical modelling of fluid and heat flow in deep geothermal systems

VENUE: GEUS, Copenhagen, Denmark
Attendees: Staša Borović (HGI-CGS), Ozren Larva (HGI-CGS)
Lecturer: Carsten Møller Nielsen (GEUS)
Duration: Jan, 13 – Jan, 17 2020

Training in advanced methods of numerical modelling of fluid and heat flow in deep geothermal systems for the members of GeoTwinn Work Package 4 was held from 13 to 17 January 2020 in GEUS. Upon arrival to the GEUS’s offices, HGI-CGS staff was introduced to the training venue and was given additional literature on modelling of geothermal systems, which would be the topic of the training in the following days. Also, during the afternoon course, a meeting with GEUS members of Work Package 2 was held in order to exchange information on the status of numerical groundwater flow model of the Zagreb pilot area. 

The introduction to Petrel, a software package for development of conceptual models and parametrization, and Eclipse – a simulator, was presented in the first part of the second day of training. It was followed by an in-depth presentation of workflow within Eclipse including discussions on data file structure, discretization, material properties, boundary conditions, as well as Eclipse Well and Temp options. Special attention was paid to the strategy for numerical dispersion assessment and mitigation through grid refinement, which is similar to the procedure applied in Feflow modelling environment. 

The third day of the training was dedicated to different steps required for optimization of geothermal doublets setup. For this purpose, the project carried out by GEUS and University of Aarhus was used as a good example of how different factors influence the final setup. Then, the exercise was performed consisting of 22 production wells whose positions were predetermined in order to be in line with positions of existing facilities for heat exchangers. The purpose of the exercise was to assess the feasibility of the setup to produce the energy required, and project lifetime. In the course of the training day, the presentation on Zagreb geothermal field was delivered by Staša Borović.