Training course in landslide assessment with application of photogrammetry at GEUS


Date: 3rd -4th & 7th -10th October 2019

Venue: geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), Copenhagen, DK

GeoTwinn’s second project workshop that was held at Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) was followed by Training for GeoTwinn’s Work Package 3: Training course in landslide assessment with application of photogrammetry, which was also held at GEUS’s offices. The training was conducted using multiple approaches rather than simple theoretical ones. It involved demonstration of landslide mapping in Greenland area, exercise with 3-D stereo-photo mapping of landslide and morphology on Greenland area as well as GeoTwinn’s Pilot areas 1 and 2, at GEUS photogrammetry laboratory. The course also included landslide activities classification and dynamics description, landslide prediction and assessment methods as well as on-site rock fall classification during field trip to Stevns Klint, the rock-fall area where some of the bedrock mapping methods were also presented.

The course was held by two GEUS’s experts: Stig A. Schack Pedersen and Kristian Svennevig, and was attended by 5 scientists from Croatian Geological Survey (HGI-CGS): Iris Bostjančić, Laszlo Podolszki, Vlatko Gulam, Davor Pollak and Nina Hećej, as well as another colleague, Marie Keiding from GEUS.

Through the training, HGI-CGS scientists were enabled to get an insight into development of the photo-geological mapping and landslide investigation processes, landslide mapping on 3-D photo models, 3-D stereo-photo mapping of landslides (rock-falls) and morphology technique which will be used on Pilot area 1 (Kravarsko area) and Pilot area 2 (Istrian badlands area).

The training course was extremely interesting, clear and thorough. It has opened a new perspective on the possibilities of mapping and monitoring of geological hazards, as well as some new ideas for cooperation in future. We would like to thank our hosts for a warm welcome, wonderful work atmosphere, and more than anything-for all the knowledge and important new skills.