Time Series Analysis

training for WP2.2

GeoTwinn Training in Time Series Analysis was held from 10 to 13 June 2019 in the British Geological Survey (BGS-UKRI) offices in Wallingford, UK. The training was led by Dr Benjamin Paul Marchant, BGS-UKRI expert on spatial statistics, time series analyses and mathematical modelling, and was attended by Dr Jasmina Lukač Reberski and Dr Andrej Stroj, two scientists from the Croatian Geological Survey (HGI-CGS) who are working on GeoTwinn Work Package 2.

The training included thorough inspection of HGI-CGS data in order to identify outstanding questions and to address relevant methods, training on HGI-CGS data analysis in Matlab and R software and a discussion on the results and arrangements regarding future plans for WP2.2. Also, a literature on time series analysis in karst aquifers was discussed in order to identify literature gaps. Some of the photographs from the training are shown below.

Most important learning outcomes of this training are development of more advanced scientific expertise on time series analysis and usage of appropriate software to perform the analysis.