Scientific Paper Writing Training

Held by Dr David Cooke








In arrangement with the British Geological Survey (BGS-UKRI) and Dr David Cooke, a well-known scientific paper writing training consultant (David Cooke Training Ltd) who has a long-standing experience in scientific research and journal editing within academia, 2 two‑day courses for scientific paper writing were organized at the Croatian Geological Survey (HGI‑CGS). Courses were held in the period from March 11 to March 14, 2019 and were attended by altogether 29 HGI-CGS scientists.

The first day focus was on writing good English. Dr Cooke introduced the principles of writing and clarified key writing basics in English. The afternoon course was devoted to the development of appropriate writing style.

The second day of the course was focused on technical instructions regarding the preparation of material for the article (e.g. drafting, description of the methodology, design for numerical and graphic representation of results, etc.), consideration of writer’s, reader’s and editor’s requests, as well as consultation regarding text editing, submission of the manuscript and correcting the proof.

The course was detailed, but clear, interesting and useful, especially for the youngest scientists who don’t have much experience in writing scientific papers yet. Some photographs from the training are shown in Figures 1-3.

David Cooke training, detail

David Cooke training, detail

Second group