“Integrated interpretation

of geophysical and

geological data”

Training in Denmark








In the period from 4th to 23rd November 2018, fifteen-day GeoTwinn WP1 training concerning “Integrated Interpretation of Geophysical and Geological Data” and “Introduction to Advanced Reservoir Modelling” was held in Denmark. The training was held for five employees of Croatian Geological Survey (HGI-CGS): Adriano Banak, Nikola Belić, Marko Budić, Pavle Ferić and Marko Špelić.  

The main segments of training were: Fieldwork and “on-the-job training, (OJT) in Denmark (Days 1-5), Interactive interpretation and correlation of seismic and geological data at Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) offices in Copenhagen, Denmark (Days 6-9), Reservoir geology and principles for reservoir modelling at GEUS offices in Copenhagen, Denmark (Days 9-15), Introduction to the establishment, administration and operation of an Interactive Interpretation System (Days 6‑14).

The task regarding Integrated interpretation of geophysical and geological data was conducted by Dr. Scient. Erik Skovbjerg Rasmussen (GEUS), while the task concerning Introduction to Advanced Reservoir Modelling was conducted and supervised by Dr. Peter Frykman (GEUS), both Danish experts in the field of characterisation, geostatistics and 3D modelling, with strong and relevant publication records in mentioned field of expertise.

The main learning outcomes of the training are: Geological recording of outcrops and interpretation based on sequence stratigraphy principles (field-training), interpretation of core data, basic well log analysis, basic well data correlation based on sequence stratigraphy, basics in seismic interpretation   and Review of workflows in reservoir characterization modelling, basics in geostatistics, building reservoir framework and architecture – stratigraphy and facies modelling, basics in property modelling  (porosity, permeability) for one group, while the other group worked on a review of  GEUS Landmark System (Decision Space Geoscience, OpenWorks and Oracle), user and data management, building databases, importing  and visualization of data, which lasted for 5 Days, and

Landmark System Mentoring Course, in duration of, 4 Days, incl. administration, architecture, and licensing of Landmark components: OpenWorks (OW), DecisionSpace Geosciences (DSG) and Landmark Software Manager (LSM) supervised by other experts from GEUS: Peter Britze, Lars Juul Kjaergaard, Roberto Nobrega and Carsten Bo Pedersen.