GeoTwinn’s workshop on applied geostatistics

5th -9th July 2021, MS Teams



In the period from 5th to 9th July 2021, one more statistics workshop was held in the framework of GeoTwinn’s Work package 3. Due to the epidemiological measures, this workshop was also performed online.

The emphasis was this time put on the application of the geostatistics in different geological fields. The workshop was attended by altogether 9 GeoTwinn members, working within Work package 2 and Work package 3. Each working group presented their case studies and applyed/planned geostatistical methods. After presenting the data and workflow of each group (‘Applied statistics: Rock fractures’ and ‘Geostatistics in landslide research’), the problematics was disscussed and the proceeding of geostatistical analyses was agreed.

Hereby we would like to thank our trainer Dr Ben Marchant for providing us his statistical expertise through the training courses. His clear instructions and dedicated counceling throughout the project enabled quick overcoming of obstacles and advancement of training.

GeoTwinn’s Applied Geostatistics Course

Applied geostatistics in rock fracture study

Application of geostatistics in landslide research