GeoTwinn Geostatistics Course


Croatian Geological Survey



Specialist course and data application

As Croatian Geological Survey (HGI-CGS) has been working on developing a preliminary landslide susceptibility map of Croatia, based on heuristic approach, a need arose for a further complement and refinement of knowledge to enable production of landslide susceptibility analysis at scale that are suitable for spatial planning or land use management.

Therefore, a specialised course in Geostatistics was organised 21st-25th January 2019 to introduce advanced geostatistical methods to HGI-CGS scientists and experts. The course took place at HGI‑CGS, at Sachsova 2, Zagreb, Croatia. The course was held by Dr. Ben Marchant, an expert Environmental Statistician from British Geological Survey (BGS‑UKRI), who’s experienced in statistical, geostatistical analysis and spatio-temporal modelling.

The main goal of specialist courses on geostatistical analysis during this project is to facilitate the use of geological knowledge and geohazard process understanding to define hazard domains that can be interrogated statistically to contribute to better understanding of the degree of representation in the catalogues and the domain boundaries, as well as enabling prioritisation for more detailed research and risk assessment. 

Several main topics presented and discussed in this course are the following:

  • Introduction to geostatistics
  • the use of R programing environment to perform statistical analyses
  • Performing geostatistical analyses using the R package gstat
  • Modelling the factors influencing landslide susceptibility

Also, in addition to the group course, separate sessions were held, for smaller groups of scientists, to cover everyone’s specific topic of interest. This provided application of statistical analyses and modelling on realistic data used in their latest researches.