Finance & Communication




Finance & communication training for Nina Hećej, GeoTwinn project assistant, was held 3th-5th June 2019 at BGS-UKRI offices in Keyworth, UK.

The main purpose of the training was BGS-UKRI guidance, as they are already experienced in administration and management of HORIZON2020 projects, for HGI-CGS, as it is our first time to coordinate the H2020 project.

In addition to exchange of experience, BGS-UKRI gave financial and legal advice and demonstrated the importance of communication, dissemination and networking through project management. The training was focused on 3 different project management and project management segments:

  • Finance;
  • Communication; and
  • EU Contracts and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Some of the learning outcomes were insight into online reporting procedures, public procurement procedures, suggestions for communication plans for various activities and public events. In addition, the BGS Communications Team advised us on training / seminars to enhance scientific and technological co-operation as well as to enhance our dissemination skills to present project goals to our stakeholders, including scientific community, private sector, policy makers and general public.