Final GeoTwinn Workshop

27th Sep – 1st  October 2021







Due to the still ongoing restrictions regarding the COVID-19, the last GeoTwinn workshop was held both in-person and online. Croatian Geological Survey (HGI-CGS) was represented by at least eight, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) by five and British Geological Survey (UKRI-BGS) by three representatives, but the number of total attendees varied daily, in relation to the activities.During the first three days, the work packages had separate sessions. Some were involved in final field trainings while others performed final adjustments on the models that were developed throughout the project. This time was also reserved for a conclusion on the GeoTwinn outcomes and plans for future collaboration. The joint session was held on the 30th of September, where each WP presented their outcomes to the rest of the project members to estimate the success of the implemented activities, to discuss achieved outcomes and finalise the presentations for the stakeholder workshop that was arranged for the day after.

On the 1st October 2021, the GeoTwinn members organised a stakeholder workshop. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, it was held online, via the MS Teams platform. The workshop was attended by 56 stakeholders. GeoTwinn coordinators/leads from HGI‑CGS and GEUS gave 20 to 30-minute presentations to stakeholders from various scientific organisations, to the local authorities, private consultancies and companies, the industry as well as to the HGI-CGS staff that were not directly involved in the project implementation. At the workshop, stakeholders had the opportunity to get information about HGI-CGS advances, a new level of competence, new knowledge & services, equipment and experience gained through the GeoTwinn project taking into consideration the impact and potential use of it for the various stakeholders. The topics of presentations were as follows: Geological modelling (3D geological surveying and subsurface modelling), Hydrogeology (Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling), Geohazards (Remote sensing data collecting and statistical analysis) and Geothermal energy (Fluid and heat flow modelling). The workshop was closed with the discussion session. Many thanks to all participants for this fruitful event.


GeoTwinn WS afternoon session_all

GeoTwinn’s separate sessions

GeoTwinn WS morning session_WP2.2

GeoTwinn’s stakeholder workshop

GeoTwinn WS morning session_WP5

Joint meeting and field training