3D Geological modelling

training in MOVE

at BGS-UKRI offices

in Edinburgh



Lecturers: Andrew Newel (BGS-UKRI), Tom Randles (BGS-UKRI) and Callum Ritchie (BGS-UKRI)

Attendees: Nikola Belić, Vlatko Brčić, Krešimir Petrinjak, Pavle Ferić, Dea Brunović and Ozren Hasan (all from HGI-CGS)

The 3D geological modelling training for the members of Work package 1 was held from 1st to 4th July 2019 at BGS-UKRI offices in Edinburgh, UK. The key objectives of the training were to understand the advantages of using kinematic modelling software such as Midland Valley MOVE, to develop introductory experience in the use of Midland Valley MOVE software and to review and rate the presentation possibilities and the distribution of 3D geological models to end-users. The training involved different types of exercises in MOVE on Croatian data in order to build a 3D geological model as accurate as possible, regarding the particular data. The introduction part of the training covered review of GUI, basic features, tools, data types, and import procedures, 2D Section analysis, 2D Move-on-fault, 2D Decompaction, 2D Block Restoration and other tools.

During the training a hand-on experience with MOVE was provided with importing geological cross-sections and maps, digitization of lines from imported rasters, importing 3D polylines, projecting data to surfaces and existing cross-sections, and creating new cross-sections, importing seismic (2D and 3D) and well data, using transformations between different coordinate systems, as well as working with multiple Move files simultaneously. The result of the training, the final 3D geological model, was exported as 3DPDF.

Hereby we would also like to thank our lecturers for such elaborate, intriguing and wholesome training.


Group photo in front of the BGS-UKRI offices in Edinburgh

Review of the data

3D geological model building

Working on the model